Supporting the ongoing needs of your company’s wireless community.

With Vatic’s Help Desk, your company gets a dedicated support-line phone number and email address that reaches at least five individuals in our office simultaneously. The first person to receive a Help Desk request issue enters it into our issue log, so Vatic’s support staff can immediately handle follow-up.

Your dedicated Help Desk is also the hub for new device orders, activation support, employee wireless set up and termination, rate and coverage information, equipment replacements and returns, technology and operating system upgrades, and electronic serial number (ESN) swaps.

By controlling what happens up front with your repairs, ordering, moves and adds, and other changes, we employ a proven set of practices and procedures that guarantee your telecom systems get back to working quickly — with no unnecessary costs or time incurred by your company .

We remove your staff from the hassle of complex problem-solving. If something goes awry, Vatic owns the process from start to finish — personally communicating with your providers, users, and technicians, until the issue is resolved.