Rest easy in the knowledge that your employees are productive and your enterprise is secure.

Mobile device management (MDM) is a cloud-based software service used to provision and manage both corporate and personal mobile devices to increase their security, productivity, and usability. Vatic has simplified the MDM implementation process, so your company can be taken from inception to production in as little as three weeks.

Vatic’s MDM system manages the following business-critical processes:

Mobile Security

Employees accessing corporate information on their mobile devices presents security concerns. Vatic helps you protect sensitive corporate information and ensures your connections are secure.

Mobile Application Management

Growing numbers of employees are asking that the applications on their mobile devices connect to enterprise resources, which can increase productivity and promote collaboration. Vatic supports your employees with both public and custom-built apps that have been pre-approved by your company.

Mobile Content Management

Our mobile content management (MCM) process secures document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents though a native mobile app. The secure content locker allows your employees to safely and securely access corporate resources from their smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices.

Mobile Email Management

Vatic’s mobile email management (MEM) system delivers reliable end-to-end security for your corporate email infrastructure. With Vatic you can control all the various mobile devices accessing email, prevent data loss, encrypt sensitive data, and enforce advance-compliance policies.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

More and more companies are turning to models that allow employees to use their personal mobile devices for work. Vatic helps you support any and all personal devices that access your network, email, and applications, so there’s never any question about the integrity of your enterprise.