Effortless control of telecom inventory and streamlined telecom-related payables

Vatic’s telecom expense management (TEM) system is an automated port of entry linking technology, data, and staff into a single collaborative network. TEM seamlessly handles, inventory, billing, and contract management, while supplying a standard set of repeatable processes, so  invoice processing happens the same way across your entire organization. Each and every invoice undergoes an automated audit, based on rules set up in the software. Line items that fail this audit are addressed and corrected by the Vatic team, ensuring that you never overpay for your telecom services.

With TEM’s comprehensive network portal, all invoices can be automated to upload directly into your accounts-payable system, automating the process for your finance department. Full detailed budgeting and reporting capability built into the TEM system means that all telecom services are captured and recorded, so you’ll always have a record of past invoices and payments.