Guide to Choosing the Right Managed Mobility Service Provider

With more and more employees working remotely and day-to-day operations moving online at an increasing pace, organizations have been required to adapt to these changes by providing mobile devices to their staff members or by implementing a “Bring Your Own Device” policy. However, this means that there are vast amounts of mobile devices connected to a company’s private networks with access to confidential company information. Managing these devices takes a lot of resources, time, and energy that IT departments might not be equipped for.

Managed mobility services exist to help corporations manage all of these devices in a cost-effective and efficient manner. If your company is looking to invest in these services, there are a number of things to consider. Below, we break down what executives need to know before choosing a managed mobility service provider.

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Outline Your Current Mobile Management Needs

In order to make the best choice for your company in regards to managed mobility services, or MMS, it is important to determine if an MMS provider will fit within your team’s established workflow. This can be done by noting the scope and size of the organization’s MMS requirements and what it hopes to achieve in the long term. You should also take the time to decide who within your organization will oversee the rollout and day-to-day operations involved with the MMS, or if those processes will be handled by the provider.


Make Sure the MMS Provider Can Meet Your Company’s Requirements

When beginning to research managed mobility service companies and their services, you should ensure that the providers that you are considering have all of the integration capabilities that your team needs. This includes smooth integration with existing IT management systems and little to no need for manual processes. A lack of communication between the MMS and things such as email and mobile app managers, security apps, content management platforms, and reporting systems can cost the company valuable time and money, potentially undermining the usefulness of the MMS altogether.


Look for Value-Added Services and Opportunities for Customization

As you are undoubtedly aware, your business’s requirements differ from that of other businesses, even if they are in the same industry. Similarly, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to an MMS. The right MMS provider will allow an organization to customize its services and only pay for what it needs. Managed mobility services should also be designed around the current IT setup and allow for as much or as little support as required. A crucial piece of this is keeping track of any order for a move, an add, a change, or a disconnection of a service that is provided to an employee. Being able to keep up with MACD telecom changes and having the MMS reflect those changes allows you to keep your costs in check and eliminate mistakes and redundancies.


Find a Managed Mobility Service that Can Grow with Your Business

Ideally, mobility management services should be built for scalability. The technology landscape is constantly changing and growing, with new device models being released each year and promising manufacturers joining the playing field. Likewise, a business, no matter the size, will have a fluctuating number of employees and devices. A managed mobility service provider should have the ability to move with the company throughout staff changeover, acquisitions, and mergers of all kinds while maintaining its cost-savings services.

 Look for a Good Customer Service Track Record

Over the last few years, the MMS market has boomed. There are a vast amount of service providers out there, many of whom are still very new to the world of MMS or even IT services as a whole. That is why it is imperative to seek out a mobility service provider that has been in the industry long enough to generate a significant amount of customer reviews. This means choosing a mobility service provider that has maintained its customer base for an extended amount of time, as it indicates that the provider has the potential to remain loyal to its customers for years to come. Reviews can also signify just how reliable and customer-oriented (or not) an MMS provider is.


Understand the Types of Services the MMS Company Offers

When it comes to IT mobility services, It’s crucial that you learn the types of service options available to your team from your chosen MMS provider. This can include easy access to a 24/7 help desk, keeping up with wireless expenses, facilitating BYOD programs, and managing data usage. The right mobility service provider will be able to provide all of these services and more. Below, we have outlined some of the most beneficial services an MMS provider can offer to its customers.

Enterprise Mobility Management
With all of the different kinds of software that can be used to secure mobile devices, it is important to work with an MMS provider that can understand the most suitable option for your business. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software allows for organizations to implement streamlined management of mobile telecommunications for employees. Enterprise mobility applications service providers can work in conjunction with a company’s established IT infrastructure to keep crucial business information safe from hackers.

Wireless Expense Management
Wireless expense management services provided by telecommunications and IT management groups can help companies reduce their corporate wireless costs by performing bill audits and evaluating data usage. This service is an extension of standard Telecom Expense Management, which covers inventory, billing, and contract management for a company.

Device Lifecycle Management
As more employees work outside of the traditional office space, mobile devices have become a crucial piece of their job. Because of this, companies have an increased need to stay on top of their mobile inventory. Many IT departments have been stretched thin, creating the need for a partner in device lifecycle management. A qualified MMS provider can assist your team in the acquisition, deployment, and recovery of your company’s mobile devices.

Cellular Data Management
By working with an MMS provider to manage data usage, you can reduce your corporate data costs exponentially. This is accomplished by putting cellular data management protocols in place to minimize unnecessary expenses connected with data overage fees. Inexpensive software can be used to cut off mobile data on a device when a specified limit is met, and can even alert the user that they are approaching their limit.

Vendor Consulting
One of the hallmarks of providers of top mobility services is the ability to work as a vendor consultant. By leaving the management of your vendors and your telecom procurement processes to the MMS provider, you can free up your company’s staff members for more vital tasks, boosting productivity and profits overall.

Managed BYOD
Many companies have implemented BYOD policies in recent years. Though these practices are convenient for many employees and businesses alike, oftentimes they can pose unforeseen challenges. However, managed BYOD services can remove the strain from your company’s IT department by helping you to make the switch to a BOYD policy, automate stipends to employees, and prevent you from paying for services that you no longer need.


Look Into Other Telecom Services They Can Offer

Your enterprise deserves a managed mobility services provider that can provide your team with a sea of telecom service options. That is why you should take the appropriate amount of time to thoroughly research all of the telecom services that they can offer. Such service offerings may include telecom expense management (TEM), provisioning, project management, and help desk support. These additional services can help you further streamline your company’s IT and finance operations so that more time may be spent focusing on the company’s core operations.

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Though there are a wealth of providers out there, the bottom line is a company should always consider their own requirements first when it comes to choosing the right managed mobility services provider. That’s where the expert telecom consultants at Vatic Outsourcing come in. We can provide a personalized program that checks all of your boxes. For more information about how we can help your company with all of its MMS needs, contact us today!

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