vatic softball team

Cultivating Culture Through Kickball

Since Vatic Outsourcing opened its doors in 2001, the company has made investing in its employee engagement a priority. Vatic has created a unique company culture through a comfortable work environment, interactive employee outings, and more recently, company intramurals!

To kick off the Fall intramural season, Vatic’s employees joined a kickball league as team “Kickelob Ultra”. They gather every Wednesday after work to enjoy happy hour at one of Atlanta’s local restaurants, then heads off to play a fun game of kickball! So far, they have won 3 of the 7 games played – but the season isn’t over yet. Team Kickelob Ultra is on their way to the playoffs this Wednesday, 10/30, and are hoping to take home a win!

The kickball games have not only been a fun activity for the team to look forward to, but they’ve also promoted employee team building – on and off the field. Players and supporters alike, our team has enjoyed their experience participating in this fall’s kickball season. I think it’s safe to say company intramurals at Vatic are here to stay.
In the future, Vatic plans to continue to expand their company intramurals to include a variety of sports – like basketball and bowling – something for everyone to enjoy!

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