Device Lifecycle Management


Employees are no longer anchored to their desks with tethered desktop computers; mobile devices have completely changed the way people do work, and with that comes additional responsibilities for employers to stay on top of their mobile device inventory.

As part of our wide range of managed mobility solutions, Vatic Outsourcing can act as a partner in the lifecycle management of your company’s mobile hardware, from device acquisition to disposition.

Mobile Device Acquisition

If your IT department is stretched thin with the management of existing IT infrastructure and internal processes, contracting with an outsourced telecom consulting company like Vatic Outsourcing can provide you with cost savings and a more streamlined approach to mobile device acquisition. Part of our device management services, mobile device acquisition involves our team working to find the best value mobile device for your team members and acquiring it for your usage.

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Enablement and Deployment

When a device is either acquired or recovered, it is important that it be enabled before it is deployed to the end user. That way, there is no complicated setup required and devices are ready to go from the minute they are received.

One feature of mobile device enablement is the implementation of mobile device management. With mobile device management, or MDM, you can utilize software solutions to control smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices for greater data security and increased employee productivity. Vatic can help you implement MDM software to protect business-sensitive data before the mobile device ever reaches the end user.

Once a device has been enabled, we take care of all aspects of deployment. And if there is ever an emergency need for a device, we’ve got you covered, and can get a new device to you, fast!


Need Assistance Collecting Company-Issued Mobile Devices?

Hardware asset management does not just include device enablement and deployment; device recovery at the end of a device’s life cycle is also crucial. 

Once a mobile device has reached the end of its life expectancy or needs to be recovered from a former employee, Vatic will collect the equipment, ensure it is reusable, and then redeploy the device to another employee in an effort to help organizations reduce hardware costs. 

We can also repurpose the phone line so that you don’t have to open up a new line every time there is a personnel change.


We Make it Easy for Employees to Return Equipment

If you employ a lot of remote workers, you understand the stress of device deployment and device returns. Vatic can help stop the loss of IT assets to remote or terminated workers with our easy-to-use device return kits.

To make returns easy on the user, we ship them a box with a prepaid label and return instructions, so all they have to do is place their equipment inside and ship it back to us!

When we receive the equipment, we wipe the device, install any software that is needed, and get it completely ready to redeploy to a new user.


Need Help with Mobile Device Reclamation? Vatic is Here for You!

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Ready to Get Rid of Old Equipment? We’ll Sell It for You!

If you’re ready to get rid of old IT assets, Vatic can help you sell your equipment and recover some costs. We can also buy back equipment instead of repurposing it, or utilize our smartphone disposition partners to safely and adequately dispose of unusable equipment.


Mobile Inventory Management

Comprehensive mobile device management can’t function without first establishing a baseline inventory for all devices. Enterprises with thousands of devices issued to employees often have trouble managing the deployment and disposition of this inventory, not to mention looking for ways to cut costs and communicate with vendors. When you have a resource like Vatic Outsourcing to help with mobile inventory management, you can gain a greater understanding of all of your IT assets, from laptops to tablets to smartphones, so you can better leverage your resources.


Monitor Cost Savings on Our Mobility Dashboard

You can monitor the entire device management process on our mobility dashboard, which we use to monitor all aspects of the telecom expense management and device management process, from inventory to trend analysis to opportunities to cut spending.