Employees of the Quarter (Q4)


Please join us in acknowledging Corina Petri as the CAM/PRV Department’s Employee of the 2019 4th Quarter! This will be her 2nd time winning the EOQ award in her near two year residency with us. Rightfully so, as Corina is and always has been a stickler for her work while being diligent in turning out her MACD’s.  She takes it several steps further when creating relationships with her clients at the same time. Corina takes on each task with the same level of exceptional service and the results speak for themselves.  She has submitted over $100,000 in disputes for one of her clients and has won back nearly 70% of that already!

Corina Employee Award Photo

In addition, Corina has stepped up and assisted Shawn and other teams with some projects for a few new clients when needed. She proves time and time again what a great Chameleon she can be and surpasses our expectations regularly!

When Corina is on an ordering customers account – it’s going to go well….our new client and Corina are handling not only the complex process of quoting to their needs of redundancy and diverse entrance paths…but she is getting the contracts executed and submitted and all that goes with that part of the process- while answering many of their questions along the way.

As you can see, we could go on for days!  We just want to thank you for being such a valuable employee and super role model, Corina!

Keep up the good work!

Help Desk

Please join us in congratulating Paul Chakrabarty as Support and Resolutions Employee of the Quarter for Q4 2019! It should come as no surprise this is familiar territory for Paul! Paul is the support teams go to guy, never backing down from a challenge. He has expanded his role as Senior Team Lead to include fielding all new client requests to ensure a swift and smooth go live.

Paul Employee Award Photo

Paul gives the same attention to his teammates as he does to our clients, this dedication really is invaluable. If Vatic was a retail shop the line to come see Paul would rival even those on Black Friday! 2020 will most certainly be an exciting year for Paul both professionally and personally. We look forward to seeing the team continue to benefit from everything that you do!



Please join us in congratulating Jormeshia Barron as the TMS Employee of the Quarter for Q4 2019! Jormeshia was promoted to our first ever TEM team lead position where she took on managing the day to day work load of our interns. She also assisted with their training and transition over to Zendesk. Not only has she managed the workload, Jormeshia has implemented procedures and processes for them to adhere to. With this, we have seen a great change in overall response time to tickets as well as comradery amongst the team.

Jormeshia Employee Award Photo

Additionally, with the departure of one of our Vaticans, Jormeshia stepped up to take on TEM for another client. This added an additional $115K to her already $640K in managed spend for clients. Her diligence and attentiveness made sure that this was a seamless transition that experienced no bumps or errors. Not only does this showcase the strength and tenured knowledge that Jormeshia possesses but it also shows how important she is to our TMS family.

Thank you Jormeshia for being a valued part of our team. Keep up the good work!


Congratulations to all of our hardworking Vaticans!

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