Employees of the Quarter (Q3)


We are proud to announce the election of TWO super great members of our team…

Please join us in acknowledging Kellie Carroll & Nick Carr as CAM Employees of the 2019 3rd Quarter!

Over the last quarter, both of our members have shown exceptional diligence and drive with their clients. They each have energy and spunk when they come into the office, coupled with a positive attitude, to take on each task, large or small with a smile (or a side sneer). They both have also generated new significant commissioned income for the company.  Kellie has generated ~$10,000 and Nick ~$8,000.

Kellie has recently taken on even more work than before, but keeps her humor in her pocket at all times. In the coming quarter, she has agreed to step up even further by taking on a mentoring roll with Keegan to assist with his newly acquired account.

Nick deals with some pretty crazy characters with his clients, but just lets the stress run off his back like a duck and keeps on waddling. You can see him and his buds taking Vatic walks occasionally around campus. Nick recently completed a very difficult installation and new Gallery opening in Edina, MN.


Congratulations Kellie and Nick!! We appreciate you!

Help Desk

Please also join us in congratulating Carson Hall as Support and Resolution’s Employee of the Quarter! Carson’s contributions are appreciated by both his fellow teammates and our devoted clients. Carson is consistently one of our top support team members. Carson goes out of his way to drive the resolution for our clients. Arguably the most important trait of a great S&R Specialist.

Carson has taken it upon himself to motivate the team to keep the queue cleared and make sure the phones are answered. Carson’s persistence in this area has been noticed and much appreciated by the leadership team!

Carson’s professionalism has not gone unnoticed on the Client front either. The quotes below speak volumes about the support Carson provides.

“You are a gentleman Carson, thank you for your help sir.”

“Confirmed on my side as well, you ROCK!”

With 2019 wrapping up we are excited to see what the future holds for one of Help Desks finest!


Congratulations to all of our hardworking Vaticans!

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