Managed BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)


Do you have a BYOD policy?

There is hardly a working professional today who doesn’t have their own smartphone or mobile device. For that reason, many employers are turning to BYOD policies, which give employees the option to use their personal device for business purposes. Employees enjoy the convenience of being able to bring their own personal devices to work, as it keeps them from having to learn a new system or keep up with an additional device. Companies that implement Bring Your Own Device policies understand the benefits, but managing user-owned devices that connect to company resources can be a cumbersome task for managers who are dealing with hundreds or even thousands of employee devices. Whether or not you have an existing BYOD policy or are considering implementing one, Vatic Outsourcing has a program that can help. Our managed BYOD services have helped clients in nearly every industry save thousands by switching to a stipend and getting rid of company-owned mobile devices and phone plans.

Save Money

Improve Productivity

Maintain Privacy

Vatic’s BYOD Management Solutions

At Vatic, we make it easy for you to implement Bring Your Own Device policies for employees.

Switching to BYOD
If you don’t currently have a BYOD policy, Vatic can help you make the switch. We’ll provide you with a calculator that shows your potential for cost savings, and if you decide you want to implement managed BYOD, we’ll help you along the entire process.

Stipend Payments
Vatic can manage every part of your BYOD program, including paying stipends. We can automate payments with our wireless expense management software, and mail out checks to employees on a predetermined schedule.

Enrollment Auditing
When you transition to managed BYOD, we can even help you transition from the company phone bill and enroll users in BYOD. This process ensures that you’re no longer paying for services you don’t need, and that all of your employees participating in BYOD are properly set up.


BYOD Program ROI Tracking

With our proprietary Mobile Expense Management dashboard, we can show you how much money you’re saving through your BYOD program, which depends on the amount of people who enroll and how much the stipend is.

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Why do you need managed BYOD?

Save Money on Employee Devices
For most companies, cost-cutting is at the forefront of most major business decisions, and mobile devices are no exception. These devices can be expensive to purchase, maintain, and repair, and the process of reclaiming them once an employee leaves or changes positions can be very resource-intensive. When a company has a BYOD policy, employees can utilize devices they already own, resulting in major savings for the business.

Improve Employee Productivity
When employees are already familiar with a device, they will be more comfortable performing work-related tasks from the get-go. And when employees are comfortable, their productivity is often increased. People are also more likely to maintain and update their own personal devices more so than devices owned by someone else.

Maintain Employee Privacy
Many employees are hesitant to mingle their personal phones with company business due to BYOD security concerns. When you use a managed BYOD service from a mobile expense management provider like Vatic, we can show you how to take advantage of a service called Mobile Device Management, which can help deliver applications to user-owned devices while at the same time securing company data.

This is a vital component of BYOD programs because it secures corporate applications, emails, and documents, while also enforcing corporate policies. This helps keep sensitive information segregated so employees can use their phones for personal use without fearing their privacy will be compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions About Managed BYOD

BYOD is an abbreviation for Bring Your Own Device. This is when companies implement policies that allow employees to use their own mobile devices for business purposes, instead of issuing company-owned devices.
Managing BYOD devices can be a cumbersome process for companies, especially if they employ thousands of people. A company that provides managed BYOD services can help streamline organization, pay employee stipends, and help make the switch to a BYOD program.

The benefits of BYOD include:

  • Cost-savings
  • Less device management and maintenance
  • Less training time
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased workforce mobility