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Evolving network technology advancements, infrastructure transitions, and industry consolidations mean the telecom market is constantly changing. Vatic Outsourcing partners with New York companies to reduce telecommunications budgets and increase efficiency. From mobile device and expense management to expanded IT services, Vactic offers telecom consulting with a personal touch.

Top-Rated New York Help Desk Services

With Vatic, your personal help desk is available any time you need it. It’s your one-stop shop for new device orders, activation support, employee wireless set up and termination, rate and coverage information, equipment replacements and returns, technology and operating system upgrades, and electronic serial number (ESN) swaps. Questions or problems? Your dedicated support-line phone number and email address guarantees you or your staff immediately reach a team of 5 people who can help. We minimize your down time with proven practices designed quickly get your telecom systems back online. If an issue arises, we personally communicate with your providers, users, and technicians from start to finish to ensure total transparency throughout the process. It’s top-tier service, any time of the day or night.

A Telecom Vendor You Can Trust

Vatic Outsourcing has been providing telecom agent/broker services in New York since 2010. Representing nearly all of the national long distance IXC carriers, RBOCs, wireless providers, as well as numerous CLECs and DSL providers, we’ll present a multi-carrier proposal laying out all your options, leaving you free to enjoy seamless access to the carrier of your choice. With superior networks and a sustainable path to future development, you’ll save money and boost productivity. Plus, we’re available 365 days a year with your own dedicated help desk and direct line access to a team of telecom professionals.

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When you outsource your telecom needs to Vatic, your IT staff is free to focus on more important objectives. We provide strategic, financial, and operational expertise to companies of all sizes. 

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