Robotic Process Automation


What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robot Processing Automation, or RPA, is the use of software technology to make digital tasks happen on their own. Software robots learn, mimic, and execute business processes that would normally be done by humans. RPA robots can do anything humans can do—and more—from copying and pasting to parsing emails to extracting data. Adaptable and easily applied to existing processes, RPA is easy for anyone to use. And because robots are doing all of the heavy lifting, work can be done at any hour and without stopping. Using RPA allows for a faster, more reliable, and more precise workflow.

Benefits of Implementing RPA

RPA bots are a digital workforce, capable of interacting with any system or appliction. This creates a huge advantage for companies looking to streamline their workflows. Employees are left with more bandwidth to focus on human tasks and leave repetitive work behind. More work can be done with the same amount of staff, reducing costs and improving accuracy and speed. RPA is being applied in industries such as insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and banking, and as the technology advances, automated business processes have become the norm. Benefits of implementing Robotic Process Automation include:
  • Increased Productivity
  • Greater Accuracy
  • Cost Savings and Fast ROI
  • Integration Across Platforms
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Scalability

Get Ahead with RPA Outsourcing For Your Business

Finding ways to eliminate human error and streamline vital business processes is a core strategy for reducing telecom spend, whether wireline or wireless. At Vatic, our telecom expense management customers receive the benefits of Robotic Process Automation.

We use RPA to generate our monthly dashboards, which give our clients insight into their telecom spending. We use bots to track month to month changes in invoices so we can make recommendations for cost-cutting measures. The bots also work to proactively identify and stop overage charges and alert us to the presence of high data use lines. We can also automate payment, track year-to-date-spend, and calculate savings through RPA.

Using our RPA resources, we can work more efficiently to save you money and increase your ROI. For more information about our reporting and how we work with clients to manage their telecom spending, give us a call today! We’re here for all of your telecom consulting needs.

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