Cellular Data Management


Data management is a must for any business that employs mobile workers who are always on the go. With cellular data management protocols in place, you can reduce your data costs exponentially.

Reduce Mobile Data Costs on Company-Owned Devices

Cellular data usage is an essential component for daily business operations for most organizations that issue company-owned devices such as smartphones and tablets. Ensuring employees can do their work from anywhere is imperative to maintain growth and profitability.

But running business apps takes a lot of data, and today’s workforce is increasingly mobile. From remote workers to sales employees who are always on the go, company-issued digital devices can create data overage charges, which are unnecessary expenditures that stifle budgets.

At Vatic, we know that cellular data costs are one of the biggest expenses for companies that deploy mobile devices for employees. That’s why we work with enterprises to supply a software solution that helps control data usage within a mobile workforce and creates data cost reductions.

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Managing Cellular Data Usage

When you’re looking to reduce mobile data costs, it’s important to first manage cellular data usage. Vatic has a software solution to help manage data usage. This software can help employers set up a quota for data usage, so that when employees reach their predetermined limit, they cannot use any more data. This eliminates data overage charges.

The software can also alert users about how much data employees have used within a given time frame, so they can always keep track of their mobile data usage.

Mobile data cost reduction is a simple service, but not one many companies know how to take advantage of. With a simple installation of this inexpensive software on a company-issued device, enterprises can take back control of their mobile data expenses and focus their efforts on other business initiatives.

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Wireless Telecom Expense Management

With Vatic, there is more than just one way to cut telecom expenses. With our Wireless Expense Management (WEM) services, we can perform cell phone bill audits and recommend changes to rate plans and features, as well as recommend actions on inactive employee lines.


Monitoring Cellular Usage on Company-Owned Devices

Another key feature of mobile data usage management software is that it can help employers track how mobile data is being used on employee devices. Mobile usage monitoring is not a new technology, and most companies that utilize this software use it to verify that cellular usage is legitimate for business use.

This software will tell a smartphone or tablet where to direct its traffic to using specific routing instructions. Once the traffic is routed through a specific point, enterprises can monitor how the data is being used.


Maintain User Privacy

This service protects user privacy in that it does not show an employer individual URLs or every cellular interaction, but instead uses internet “categories” to sort cellular usage so that a company can tell the difference between legitimate and illegitimate business use. Categories include social media, marketing, news sites, etc., and can tell an employer how much time an employee spent on what type of site.


Configure Allowed Applications

Employee monitoring software can also be used to configure allowed applications and allowed websites. This is valuable because social media sites like Facebook or Instagram use large amounts of data, and restricting these sites can help not only increase employee productivity but also decrease data expenses.

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