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There isn’t an enterprise in operation in the United States that isn’t impacted by the use of mobile devices for everyday business. From smartphones to laptops to tablets, most corporations and their employees rely heavily on mobile devices for everything from remote work to office management to payroll. As mobile devices have become more and more ubiquitous in the workplace, the importance of keeping these devices safe from hackers and data thieves has also become a major priority. Keeping critical business information from being accessed by those outside the organization is a hefty task even for businesses that are already tech-savvy or have their own IT department. It becomes even more of a burden on companies with limited knowledge of the types of software that can be used to secure mobile devices. Companies like Vatic Outsourcing can help businesses understand their options for management of mobile devices and take back control of their information security. For us, the key to keeping corporate data secure lies with a tool known as Enterprise Mobility Management.

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Mobile Device Management

What is Enterprise Mobility Management?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a software tool that allows businesses and organizations to implement streamlined management of mobile telecommunications devices for employees, including security measures and device-level controls. Typically implemented along with a suite of mobile device management systems and services, this software helps companies secure corporate data on employee devices.

Depending on the type of company and the goals of the corporation, EMM may include software that gives the enterprise the ability to lock down employee devices or allow them to be wiped if an employee quits or the device goes missing. Other companies may prioritize security of certain applications, while others may seek solely to manage data. While the original function of enterprise mobility management solutions was to manage these devices, many companies are now leveraging EMM to enable greater mobility, resulting in a more productive workforce and greater output.

EMM is often incorporated into Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) systems, which give IT departments and telecommunications outsourcing companies the ability to manage all types of business devices through one single console. At Vatic Outsourcing, we offer several components within our EMM services, so that companies can pick and choose the elements that will most benefit their business. These include:

-App Management
-Managed Configurations
-Email Management
-Secure Content Management
-Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a solution that utilizes software to provision mobile devices while also protecting a corporation’s sensitive data. This software is used to implement security policies and processes that protect the data, applications, and content contained on employee mobile devices.

The main purpose of mobile device management software is to help organizations meet compliance, security, and productivity goals. Mobile device management policies can include everything from implementing password protection to disabling cameras by default to providing device customization options.

This device-centric software is already located on most devices, but isn’t isn’t often utilized by companies to its fullest extent. That’s where Vatic Outsourcing can help: our expert telecommunications staff can help businesses both implement and utilize MDM software, as well as consult on the best solutions to meet their budget and business goals. Some companies aren’t even aware this technology exists on their devices and pay thousands of dollars in licenses they don’t use. At Vatic, we help companies take control of their business-critical data and manage the use of mobile devices.

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Enterprise Mobility Management Can Help Your Business

At Vatic Outsourcing, Atlanta’s premier telecom management company, we seek to implement best practices always, especially when it comes to the EMM and MDM lifecycle. There are a few main features of a good mobile device management software solution: increased security, increased productivity, improved efficiency, meeting compliance goals on endpoints, and creating an overall easier mobile management experience. For an enterprise mobility management solution that can help your business thrive through the implementation of mobile device management software, give us a call!