Vatic's Managed Mobility Program

Total outsourced management of all aspects of your corporate wireless program.


Vatic’s mobility management solution encompasses these six business-critical offerings:

Enterprise Mobility Management

Our EMM solutions allows organizations to securely enable employee use of mobile devices and applications. We are platform agnostic with expertise in Workspace ONE, MaaS360, Intune, plus others. From installation to support, we partner with you through the MDM & EMM lifecycle.

Wireless Expense Management

As an extension of your organization, our specialists communicate with the carriers for the sole purpose of driving efficiency and cost reduction. Through our proprietary dashboard, we audit and allocate charges, provide recommendations on rate plans and features, and address unused and inactive employee lines.

Device Management

In support of your corporate policy, we maximize ROI through strategic provisioning and ongoing management. Be it smart phones, tablets, laptops, or any wireless device, Vatic takes ownership of all aspects from acquisition to enablement to inventory management, repurposing and/or buy back.

Cellular Data Management

This service provides clients the ability to place limits on individual cellular data usage, generating monthly cost reductions by capping non-work critical usage all while gaining insight on how your workforce consumes cellular data. It is not uncommon to see a data reduction of more than 60% upon implementation.

Vendor Consulting

Let Vatic deal with the wireless providers on your behalf, saving you time and headache. We continuously evaluate your ever-changing needs, ensuring optimal vendor and program alignment. This includes pursuing credits, renegotiating contracts, and holding the vendors accountable; we always have your back.

Managed BYOD

Companies have realized advantages of implementing a BYOD policy; improving satisfaction and productivity, while saving money on devices. Whether you have an existing BYOD policy or are considering one, we have a turnkey program for paying stipends, auditing enrollment, and tracking the program’s ROI.

Partnering with Vatic
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What are Managed Mobility Services (MMS)?

Mobility is key for business success, especially in today’s data-driven world. The use of corporate mobile devices continues to dramatically increase with both the deployment of company-owned devices as well as Bring Your Own Device models.

With all of this, companies need a way to manage expenses, control data usage, monitor employee activity, and keep company information secure. It’s a lot of work, and that’s why many enterprises choose to outsource this work to telecom consulting and management companies.

From keeping inventory of thousands of end users and just as many devices to troubleshooting and data usage monitoring, Vatic’s managed mobility services take care of all of these tasks and more. As a MMS provider, we help support and manage enterprise-level mobility, handling procurement, monitoring and optimizing costs, and interacting with carriers.

We also help IT departments with inventory management and work with them to ensure the company’s network and information are secure. Vatic also offers value-added services like our mobile help desk as well as device reclamation, deployment, and disposition services.

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