Meet Our Team



Celia Fisher collaborates with the company’s President and CIO to develop corporate and operational strategies that build positive and lasting relationships with Vatic’s clients, and she facilitates these efforts across the Operations and Customer Service divisions. Celia oversees customer care, as well as quality assurance and account development activities. She also collaborates with the management team to develop and implement plans for the strategies, systems, processes, and personnel that are integral to maintaining lasting client relationships.


As a founding partner, and member of the executive team at Vatic Outsourcing, Shawn Purcell initiated and continues to manage strategic relationships in telecom expense management (TEM) and mobile device management (MDM). He heads up the day-to-day management of Vatic Outsourcing’s business objectives, including technical infrastructure and strategic training of sales and support staff. Shawn also oversees Vatic’s enhanced services group, which delivers TEM and MDM services to clients and the Help Desk team. In addition to his executive-oversight responsibilities, Shawn continues to spend half of his time in a customer-facing role.


​Doug Sammak

As President of Vatic Outsourcing, Doug Sammak heads up executive account sales and support services. He is responsible for all aspects of administration and finance for the company, leads the company’s strategic initiatives, and is the executive in charge of escalation for all of Vatic’s clients.



John Armstrong
EVP of Client Success

John comes to Vatic with more than 15 years of operations and service delivery management experience. Using a proactive approach to service delivery, John helps develop strategies to increase long term value for both our customers and Vatic.  His focus on customer relationship management, analytics, and process improvement helps to ensure our customer’s are achieving their desired outcomes. John leads the Telecom Managed Services team driving client interaction, deliverable management, and strategy review.


Andrea Crowder
Manager – Client Account Services

With her deep experience in the telecom industry, and technical know-how, Andrea Martin is the representative liaison for special-interest accounts. She also maintains and allocates customer-billing processes

Rufus Dickerson
Assistant Manager- HelpDesk Support and Resolution

Rufus draws experience from a variety of industries which allow him to meet deadlines while providing high-level customer service. Always up for a challenge, Rufus’ tenacious approach to solving problems consistently results in positive client interactions.

Zac Fullerton
Manager – IT and Client Solutions

With years of experience in customer service, Zac specializes in partnering with clients to provide support with any issue that arises. His background in Telecommunications Engineering provides the technical experience needed to provide consultative support for Vatic’s applications and IT Systems. His goal is to develop a complete understanding with the customer for ongoing transactions and systems integrations with the end goal of delivering an efficient, lock-tight solution every time.

Paul Kay

Paul Kay
Manager – Mobility Solutions

With over five years of customer service under his belt and an excellent technical ability, Paul Kay arms Vatic with the technical aptitude and the charisma to execute the best solutions to any mobility issue a customer will have, all with a smile on his face. His reassurance of “everything will be okay”(and a skillset to back it up) makes him a valuable asset and an excellent example of how Vatic does business.


Michael Kelley
Manager – Administration and Human Resources

With over two decades of experience in customer service, sales and management, Michael utilizes his skills to oversee all human resources and administrative duties at Vatic. Michael is responsible for developing policy and managing employee benefits, services and training while providing clear direction and support for the operations team. Michael is dedicated to ensuring Vatic employees are given the same white-glove experience our clients receive.

Roger Mahler
Manager – RPA

Roger’s broad range of computing skills allow him to efficiently diagnose system faults and ensure that Vatic’s applications and IT systems are working properly for customers, as well as employees.

Allie McGee
Manager – Administration and Human Resources Coordinator

Allie serves as Vatic’s Administration and Human Resources Coordinator by providing the Vatic team with the same white-glove treatment that we give our clients. She oversees Vatic’s recruiting and hiring processes and assists with employee on-boarding and off-boarding. In addition to assisting with human resources and administrative duties, Allie is also responsible for client invoicing and acts as accounts receivable by processing incoming payments and responding to client inquiries related to statements, invoices, and past dues.


Jordan Miller
Manager – Mobility Solutions

With years of experience in customer service, Jordan takes the time to provide excellent service to clients. His goal is to provide attention to detail and a personal touch to improve the client’s experience.

Thomas Newhall
Manager – HelpDesk Support and Resolution

With years of customer service experience, Thomas goes above and beyond to provide any assistance needed to complete any task that comes his way. His goal is for his transactions to go as smooth as possible as well as making the customer comfortable that their issues are being taken care of with peace in mind.

James Pencek
Manager – Business Intelligence Operations/Marketing

James has been with Vatic since 2011 and currently manages both the Optimization and Business Intelligence units, as well as operations for the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) team. His teams utilize data and analytics to improve efficiency, reduce spending, and enhance overall customer experience.


Corina Petri
Manager – Client Provisioning

With a decade of experience in telecom, Corina’s expertise lies in migration projects and provisioning. She assists in large-scale projects to ensure effective and timely completion. Corina brings a unique ability to advance clients through every aspect of their telecom needs.

Chris Reimann
Director – Telecom Management Services

Chris is a graduate of The University of Georgia and with 10+ years at Vatic, Chris understands what“The Vatic Way” truly means ~ Client Support that exceeds any standard in the market, coupled with a knack and know-how to achieve a Positive Return On Investment for any client we work with. Chris is responsible for leading a team of focused and motivated consultants that are responsible for the client relationship and managing all of the client’s telecom expenses in excess of $40M annually. Chris leads the way onboarding new clients to both Vatic and our Telecom Expense Management platform.

Dan Taylor
General Manager and Employee Development Lead

Dan acts as an extension of his clients’ IT and finance departments, freeing them up to focus on strategic objectives. By collaborating with internal Telecom Expense Management, Mobile Device Management, and Help Desk teams, he streamlines communications and ensures that clients are getting the most value out of their partnership with Vatic. He leverages relationships with carrier partners and internal resources to reduce or eliminate costs, recommend strategies, and plan and execute projects.

Deborah Taylor
Manager – Client Account Services

In May 2017, Deborah arrived at Vatic Outsourcing in a relocation from San Francisco. Deborah has brought over 16 years of experience in implementation and maintenance/support of all retail telecommunication/systems/application areas. She now focuses on using past experiences to assist her clients with project implementation, determining cost savings, providing new/undiscovered opportunities, and improving ROIs (returns on investments). She partners with her teammates, gains interdepartmental cooperation and builds relationships with a vast list of carriers to accomplish these objectives.


Brad Akers
Client Account Apprentice


Jormeshia Barron
Sr. Managed Services Specialist

Jormeshia brings six years of customer service/client relations experience to the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) team. She provides a wealth of perspective and efficient support to her clients and the Vatic TEM team. She applies her analytical skills to understand her clients’ business needs and challenges by providing them with accurate and efficient interactions with their carriers. Jormeshia has excellent communication skills which allows her to deliver exceptional customer service and ensure her clients receive Vatic’s ongoing white-glove service.

Travis Beyke
Mobility Solutions Administrator

With experience from a variety of different fields, Travis approaches each task as a unique issue. He efficiently tries to find the best possible solution while adding a pleasant and personal experience for clients. Travis looks forward to expanding and developing his skills and knowledge with Vatic.

Alex Blinkhorn
Managed Services Specialist

Daniel Branigan
Client Provisioning Specialist

Angela Bridges
Sr. Managed Services Specialist


Patrick Bryan
Mobility Solutions Specialist

With years of experience in customer service and a background working with modern technologies, Patrick is a perfect fit for the Support and Resolutions team. With knowledge and expertise, Patrick meets his clients’ needs and strives to satisfy every detail of their request along the way.

Kellie Carroll
Team Lead – Sr. Client Account Manager

With a Professional Sales degree in Business Administration, Kellie brings her customer service knowledge and experience to the account management team. She leverages both carrier relationships and Vatic’s internal resources to reduce or eliminate client expenses. She also plans and executes projects to complete more effective telecom strategies based on the recommendations she provides to the client.

Paul Chakrabarty
Sr. Team Lead – HelpDesk Support and Resolution

As a Senior Team Lead, Paul oversees the day to evening operations with the Vatic Helpdesk. With over a year of experience in IT and 10+ years in customer service, Paul understands how to troubleshoot and work with clients to provide support with any issue that arises. Paul also works closely with our various client points of contact on special projects to help them suit their telecom needs.

Ryan Costello
Client Account Manager

With an emphasis on building and maintaining relationships, Ryan brings 15+ years experience in customer service and management to Vatic. He is attracted to solving problems which others deem “unsolvable”. Ryan’s energy seems inexhaustible, and his thirst for knowledge unquenchable. His tenacious approach to resolving challenges couples well with the ever-changing complexity that is the world of Telecommunications. He is eager to explore the challenges Vatic clients bring and will not leave any stone unturned in looking for a solution. 


Shayne Edwards
Client Account Manager

Shayne brings over three years of customer support to the Vatic team. He understands the uniqueness of every client and adds professionalism to every interaction. Shayne consistently assists his clients with enthusiasm and works hard to find quick resolutions to their problems.

Mark Farmer
Client Account Manager II

Currently studying at Kennesaw State University, Mark takes care of client needs in an organized and efficient manner. He works through each task with precision, leaving no detail untouched. Mark looks forward to further developing his skills and expanding his responsibilities with Vatic.

Gabrielle Fleetwood
RPA Administrator

Currently studying Applied Computer Science at Kennesaw State University, Gabrielle brings over 4 years experience in customer service to Vatic to support internal needs and help develop assistive tools. She also assists in spearheading marketing initiatives and business development.

Monica Grant
Managed Services Specialist I

Soon to be graduating from Kennesaw State University, Monica is majoring in Business Management. She brings five years of customer service experience to the Managed Services team, which helps in providing an excellent experience for clients. She helps support her team by completing tasks in a detailed and timely manner.


Christian Guliano
Team Lead – Mobility Management Specialist

Christian comes to Vatic with three years’ experience in the telecom industry. His in-depth knowledge of wireless communications qualifies him as an expert in locating potential savings and helping clients achieve maximum efficiency relative their wireless spend. As someone who puts professionalism and integrity first, he is a valuable member of the vatic team.

Robert Holmes
Client Account Manager/Provisioning Manager


Maceo Inman
 Client Account Manager

Maceo brings over four years of customer service to Vatic. He is both knowledgeable and passionate about technology and uses his technical acumen to serve the client best. Maceo is known for being highly diligent in executing his support tasks and always strives to satisfy the client.

Clay Jewell
 Support and Resolution Specialist

With over 6 years of customer service experience, Clay is more than ready for the job at hand. Clay caters his assistance specifically for the client and provides them with Vatic’s signature white-glove treatment. Clay is never dissuaded by a challenge and views them as a learning experience on how to better serve our clientele.

Bradon Knott

Brandon Knott
Mobility Management Specialist

While studying Business Management at Kennesaw State University and pursuing CAPM certification, Brandon provides support to the Telecom and Mobility Management Services teams. He uses his rising knowledge of Project Management to assist in the execution of projects for both departments. Upon graduation, Brandon hopes to expand his responsibilities at Vatic.

Ariel Lelonek
Support and Resolution Specialist


Stefan Leman
IT Support Specialist

Stefan’s proficiency in computing allows him to troubleshoot any IT related issue, big or small. He brings years of customer service to Vatic, allowing him to resolve any problem in a timely fashion for both employees and customers.

Ashely Little
Training Manager & Team Lead – HelpDesk Support and Resolution

Ashely Little has worked in the telecom industry for over three years, the majority of which has been focused on wireless support. With Ashely’s heavy wireless background, she has worked to support data and wireless issues at Vatic Outsourcing with a personal touch that cannot be beaten.

Lauren MacKarvich
Sr. Managed Services Specialist II

Lauren is the Sr. Managed Services Specialist for several strategic accounts. She manages the client relationship and delivery of services to help maintain, protect and support the existing revenue within the customer base. Lauren works directly with the customer (face to face and via phone) to discover and understand the customer’s business needs, business strategies and business challenges and then makes recommendations on appropriate solutions to satisfy those needs. She serves as the customer advisor, consultant and problem solver in support of Network Services, ensuring what has been provisioned is delivered, functioning and billing correctly.

Barry Major
Client Account Administrator

Anthony Marchitto
Support and Resolution Specialist

Tyler Marshall

Tyler Marshall
Team Lead- HelpDesk Support and Resolution

Tyler comes to Vatic with 2 years of experience in customer service. He has a hardworking mentality and a love for technology that makes him a perfect fit for the job. He always looks to learn more and share the knowledge.

Brittany McNey
Managed Services Administrator


Garrett Nigro
Team Lead – Sr. Client Account Manager

With years of telecom and customer service experience, Garrett works as the client’s advocate to provide support for any issues that may arise. He stays current on industry advancements and advises clients to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce expenditures.

Alex O’Bryan
Client Implementation Project Manager

Alex brings over six years in business and customer service experience along with a wealth of perspective to the Vatic Team. Alex provides remarkable service and support related to data and project needs to ensure that our clients have an accurate and efficient interaction during all implementations.

Zakiya Owens
Client Account Administrator

Allie Raffa
Support and Resolution Specialist

Allie comes to Vatic with a demonstrated history of working in management consulting, wireless, production support, and customer experience. Her creativity, effective communication, and people skills bring added value to Vatic and match the company culture curated here at Vatic.


Christine Paine Ragland
National Account Manager

Charged with helping Vatic clients manage overall telecom workload, expense management and processes, Christine Paine Ragland works toreduce the time and expenses spent managing telecom vendors. She provides pricing options and recommendations to fill client needs for new services and recommends vendor options that help solve business-critical telecom needs for Vatic’s clients.

Rachel Rainwater
Support and Resolution Specialist

Rachel comes to Vatic with five years of experience in customer service. With her unique personal touch, Rachel is sure to find the best possible solution for every client. Rachel is driven to satisfy the client and provide support in an efficient, professional manner.


April Williams Raldiris
National Account Manager

April Williams Raldiris is a telecom consultant who helps Vatic’s clients navigate through carrier bureaucracies, to help them carve out the best possible solutions and pricing. She brings to the table deep experience auditing and inventorying all areas of the telecom continuum, including local, long distance, DSL, MPLS, SIP, IP, VPN, wireless, TEM, and MDM. She represents, sells, and supports more than 35 carriers to Vatic’s clients throughout the U.S. Raldiris also provides wireline, wireless optimizations, and supports Help Desk functions.

Ramah Rollins
Business Intelligence Administrator

Ryan Shaw
Sr. Managed Services Specialist


Bryant Smith
Client Account Manager II

With his vast telecom background Bryant provides support for data and wireless issues with promptness and efficiency. He also is a liaison with vendors and clients, to ensure the right equipment and services are received and are functional.

Colin Stepp
Support and Resolution Specialist

Colin is a current student at Kennesaw State University who brings 4 years of customer service experience and 2 years of technical background making him a perfect fit for assisting clients. He brings a high level of customer service and critical thinking to assist in finding the issues and resolving those issues for clients.


Melissa Stewart
 Senior Client Account Manager

Melissa Stewart provides a concierge-style approach to client support, in terms of wire-line trouble and new customer migration. She supports and assists national and international accounts with myriad of issues, including vendor migration and support.

Shana Swartz 
Managed Services & Business Intelligence Support Analyst

Shana comes to Vatic with 10+ years of customer service experience to the Managed Services team. She also is a part of the Business Intelligence team where she helps analyze data for the Mobility Management team to ensure the Clients receive accurate and presentable information.

Cheryl Thomas
Sr. Managed Services Specialist

Cheryl brings over 20 years of customer service experience to the Vatic TEM team. She is dedicated to building long-term Client relationships by exceeding expectations and providing added value through cost reduction and billing issue resolution.  Cheryl’s goal is to consistently and accurately over-deliver.


Christine Thomas
Sr. Client Provisioning Specialist

Christine has over 20 years of professional experience in Customer Service Operations. With in-depth knowledge in project implementation, she has a dedicated and purpose-driven work ethic. Christine is an expert in building and maintaining relationships with clients as well as leading project teams that include vendors, engineers, and sales resources. She has proven success in planning, managing, and implementing multiple projects while meeting deadlines and goals.

Rick Tillou
Sr. Managed Services Specialist

Rick brings more than 25 years of business accumen to the Vatic Telecom Expense Management team.  His background includes Telecom Budget and Manufacturing management for Fortune 50 Companies, as well as hands-on experience implementing a full TEM platform for budgeting, invoice processing and cost allocations.  Rick’s overall technology and telecom knowledge allow him to understand his Clients’ requirements in a unique and holistic manner, ensuring delivery of an excellent Client experience.

Paige Tribble
Support and Resolution Specialist

Mads VanVickle
Support and Resolution Specialist

Jacob Veillette
Support and Resolution Specialist

Jacob has a Bachelor of Science from Kennesaw State University. He joined the Vatic team with over three years of experience in customer service. Jacob is dedicated to giving all clients the type of customer service they need to fit their needs. He is outgoing, hardworking, and always looking for ways to improve and learn. 

Nicolas Villaneuva
Support and Resolution Specialist


Sally Waitley
Client Account Operations

Sally specializes in building Client Advocacy programs. She comes to Vatic with a passion for the client experienceas well as operational process improvements, aiding in the creation of project management tools for her clients. She streamlines internal workflows to allow the talented Client Account Managers to spend more time consulting and finding savings for their valued clients.

Brian Weinbach
Team Lead – HelpDesk Support and Resolution Specialist

With over 8 years of customer service experience and 5 years of IT experience, Brian enjoys assisting his clients with the highest level of professionalism as possible. He works closely with every one of his clients and treats them with the utmost respect from start to finish.


Chuck Wheeler
National Account Manager

With two decades of experience in the telecom industry, Chuck Wheeler introduces Vatic Outsourcing as a potential solution provider and long-term partner. He develops targeted proposals based on unique client requirements and forges longstanding relationships with clients with ongoing focused support and keeping them abreast of new opportunities for their business communications needs.

Madeline Whitehead
Client Account Administrator

Madeline is currently an undergrad student at Kennesaw State University and brings over four years of customer service experience to Vatic. Madeline’s goal is to perform any given task diligently with excellent customer service to ensure accuracy and maximum satisfaction for clients and her team. She looks forward to continue expanding her telecom skills and knowledge with Vatic.

Ashton Williams
Support and Resolution Specialist

With years of customer experience and a background in programming, Ashton is ready to tackle any issue a customer or client may have. He dedicates himself to making sure that every customer or client he helps experiences the most attentive and engaged customer service they have ever received. Nothing makes work more enjoyable for him than solving difficult and challenging problems.

Taylor Wood

Taylor Wood
Mobility Management Specialist

Taylor has 5 years of customer service experience and 3 years of management experience which makes me a perfect fit for the job. He is able to provide customers with a welcoming, personal touch that makes them feel their needs are our top priority. He is an extremely organized person, and brings this trait to his work life as well. Taylor makes sure no detail goes unnoticed.

Mazi Zandi
Team Lead – Managed Services Specialist I

Mazi is a part of the Telecom Expense Management Services team while pursuing an MBA at Georgia State University – J. Mack Robinson College of Business. He is a catalyst; Mazi is driven by passion and fueled by his ambition, making him an invaluable asset to his team and his clients. Goal-Oriented and Career-Focused, he is determined to take action and make an impact.


Teddy Zulu
Team Lead – Mobility Management Specialist

As a Mobility Management Specialist II role for Vatic, Teddy is immersed in the mobility infrastructure of all his clients. This means he provides high level support in a number of areas regarding the mobility space. Leveraging both knowledge of various carriers and internal Vatic services, he is able to provide clients with the support they require. Some of the regular duties for Teddy include plan optimization, vendor/carrier management, and wireless account management.

Charlie the Robot

Charlie the Robot has joined the Vatic Team and has some big goals. Charlie helps to improve overall client satisfaction, executes tasks error free for 24 hours a day, and free up our employees from repetitive tasks while making their jobs more enjoyable and less stressful. Charlie’s ability to take over block and tackle repetitive tasks from our team allows our employees to focus on consulting, building relationships with clients, vendor management, and driving down client costs. Charlie the Robot is happy to be part of he team here at Vatic!