Vatic Provisioning and Project Management

Project management throughout the lifecycle – technology migration, change in carriers, and recurring MACD’s


What is Provisioning?

At Vatic Outsourcing, our staff is experienced in managing all tasks related to vendors and procurement, such as issuing requests for proposals and selecting the right vendors for a specific client’s needs. We do this on behalf of businesses of all shapes and sizes, offering contract negotiation services and other telecom project management tasks that can take up valuable time and resources. This service, called provisioning, simply means providing telecommunications services to a user. Provisioning is the fourth step of what is known as OAM&P: Operations, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning. At Vatic, our provisioning and project management services help clients by managing IT system resources for them, so that they can keep the focus on what really matters. At their core, our provisioning services will save you time, money, and a lot of headaches as we manage projects for you, from technology migration to changes in carriers.

Acting as an outsourced extension of your IT organization, we are telecom network and project management specialists. Whether your vision or ours, Vatic stands ready to execute.

Typical projects include:

From UCaaS to SD-WAN and everything in between, we know our stuff.

Manage vendors and coordinate telecom procurement activities

Subject matter experts in voice, data, and conferencing

Your one stop shop for telecom projects and knowledge

Partnering with Vatic
Saves You Time, Money,
and a Lot of Hassle.

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