Vatic Telecom Expense Management

Our TEM solution seamlessly manages all invoices, inventory and contracts providing ultimate visibility and control.

Effortless control of telecom inventory and streamlined telecom-related payables

Vatic’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution links best-in-class technology, actionable analytics, and subject matter experts into a single comprehensive managed service. TEM seamlessly handles inventory, billing, and contract management, through a standard set of repeatable processes. Every invoice undergoes a rigorous audit; not only through our software but also through our staff of telecom experts. Line item charges that fail this audit are addressed and corrected by the Vatic team, ensuring credits are received and you never overpay for your telecom services.

The Vatic team owns every aspect of the TEM lifecycle: ensuring 100% receipt, processing, allocation and payment of invoices, maintaining a complete wireline/wireless inventory, and validating and renegotiating contracts. Full detailed budgeting and reporting capability built into the TEM software means that all telecom activities are captured and recorded, so you’ll always have a record of past invoices, trends, and payments.

All clients receive a proprietary, highly configurable Performance and Opportunities Dashboard on a monthly basis. This document provides actionable analytics outlining the following:

Not only do we guarantee ROI of our TEM service, we document it.

From invoice receipt to payment, nothing gets by us

Central repository of all telecom assets

Consultants committed to your bottom line

Partnering with Vatic
Saves You Time, Money,
and a Lot of Hassle.

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