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Vatic Dashboard

Vatic Dashboard

Vatic Dashboard

Vatic Dashboard

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Looking to Track Your ROI? Meet Our Analytics Dashboards

At Vatic, we’re completely transparent about where your money is going. In fact, that’s why you hire us—so you can make sure you never overspend on your telecom services ever again. To that end, we provide all of our clients with a monthly dashboard that outlines the cost-savings and other benefits of our services.

Our monthly dashboard reporting for both telecom expense management accounts and wireless expense management accounts give our customers a view into all of the services we provide for them on a monthly basis, as well as the return on their investment.

These reports are sent out to our clients on the same day every month, and we also schedule review calls to go over the reports and answer any questions. Because part of our job is to recommend ways to increase efficiency, we can make recommendations and discuss next steps during these meetings and adjust our services accordingly. And because the needs of every enterprise are different, our reports are also completely customized for each client.

Telecom Expense Management Dashboard

Our TEM clients are provided with a monthly dashboard summary, which outlines their telecom spend routing through Vatic. This dashboard provides customers with month over month data and a running YTD snapshot of spend. It also shows the ROI that results from partnering with Vatic to manage telecom payables.

The TEM dashboard data also includes:

  • Spend by location
  • Spend by vendor
  • Cost changes from the previous month
  • Opportunities for savings
  • Contract status
  • Total monthly charges
  • Average monthly charge
  • Savings and costs avoided
  • YTD spend

Our TEM software also includes detailed budgeting and reporting, so all of your past invoices, trends, and payments are retained for your records.

Mobility Management Dashboard

Our managed mobility clients receive a monthly audit of their enterprise’s cell phone bills and are provided a similar monthly dashboard to our TEM clients. This wireless expense management tool helps us go line by line to examine everything from billing errors to outliers to high data use lines, helping customers cut down on their wireless spending. With our WEM services, you will never have to worry about unnecessary charges or fees, and you can see all of your savings broken down every month on our mobility management dashboard.

The dashboard allows us to:

  • Audit and allocate charges
  • Recommend changes to rate plans
  • Track month-to-month changes
  • Mitigate early termination fees
  • Proactively identify and stop overage charges
  • Recommend action for used or inactive employee lines

We serve as an extension of your company to help cut down on unnecessary wireless expenditures, and can even communicate with your carriers so you don’t have to.

Ready to reduce your corporate telecom spending? Give us a call today!