Why Vatic Outsourcing?


Here are just a few of the many reasons why Vatic is chosen by so many leading companies to handle their outsourced telecom services…

We provide peerless telecom agent/broker services

Vatic represents virtually all of the national long distance IXC carriers, RBOCs, wireless providers, and numerous CLECs and DSL providers.

You enjoy seamless access

Vatic’s single client interface gives you total access to the carriers you choose. You can always either deal with us — or go directly to your carriers.

You can focus on business strategy, not telecom tactics

Outsourcing your telecom needs means your IT staff can focus on more important strategic objectives.

You save money

We identify, pursue and maintain cost savings and efficiency across telecom services, to give you quantifiable bottom-line benefits.

We are here to help you 365 days a year

We give you your own dedicated help desk that’s available when anybody on your staff needs service.

The Vatic Mission

Our mission at Vatic Outsourcing is to identify ways to effectively reduce your telecom budget -- and help you manage all your business communications more efficiently.

Ongoing Support

No matter which services we procure for you, when everything’s up and running, you’ll receive ongoing white-glove service from Vatic. Always accessible and extremely competent, our team of telecom experts are equipped to handle any issue that might arise with your wireless and wireline carriers. Therefore you’re always just a phone call, text, or email message away from getting your most challenging telecom problems solved quickly and without fuss.

Partnering with Vatic
Saves You Time, Money,
and a Lot of Hassle.

See why Vatic is chosen by so many leading companies to handle their telecom services…