Wireless Telecom Expense Management


Wireless Telecom Expense Management Services

Cell phones are arguably the most important tool used in business today. When assigning mobile phones to employees became common practice in the 2010s, many business owners not only underestimated the positive impact it would have on the efficiency of workflow, but also the difficulties that would come with managing so many different devices and the expenses associated with mobile network and data usage.

Unsurprisingly, when there are thousands of mobile lines under your company’s cell phone plan, it can be difficult to track and manage wireless expenses. Many business owners don’t know that they are overspending on wireless services by not having a dedicated expense management service, which can look out for efficiencies and find ways to save costs.

At Vatic Outsourcing, we provide Wireless Expense Management (WEM) services to large companies looking to streamline their cell phone bill and avoid unnecessary expenses.

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What is Wireless Expense Management?

Wireless expense management, sometimes referred to as mobile expense management, is a service provided by telecommunications and IT management groups to help organizations rein in wireless carrier costs. Telecom Expense Management (TEM) service providers like Vatic use a mix of on-staff telecom experts and advanced software to help customers cut down on the cost of voice minutes, international coverage, data plans, and more. With our wireless rate plan optimization tools in place, you can focus on other important aspects of running a business.


How to Reduce Corporate Wireless Spending

At Vatic, we have WEM down to a science. We perform cell phone bill audits for our WEM customers, going line by line to compare the bill against a customer-provided roster of employees who have been assigned access to a mobile device. Through this audit, we locate any outliers, high expense lines, high data usage lines, and month-over-month changes, and use this information to evaluate different areas of opportunity for changes. For example, if a company has over 50 lines that haven’t been used in three months, that would be a great place to cut costs.

We also evaluate data usage, using Mobile Traffic Management services to find areas to reduce data spending. We work directly with carriers to cut costs on hardware and mitigate early termination fees. Our mobility expense management dashboard has helped companies save thousands of dollars in wireless expenses every month.

Our proprietary Performance and Opportunities dashboard allows us to:

-Audit and allocate charges
-Recommend changes to rate plans and features
-Recommend action on unused or inactive employee lines

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Prevent Unnecessary Wireless Expenses with Vatic Outsourcing

Our mission at Vatic Outsourcing is to perform as an extension of your organization. Our specialists will communicate with your mobile carriers to create more efficiency and reduce costs, and provide you with real-time mobile and data usage insights. With our wireless telecom expense management services, we manage unnecessary expenses throughout the device lifecycle, from deployment to retirement, and help you use company resources more effectively. For more information about our telecom expense management services and to learn how we can help with your other telecom outsourcing needs, give us a call at 833-828-4268.