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medical equipment management

Case Study: Medical Equipment Management Company

This client helps hospitals and health systems address their challenges — including compliance requirements, general cost pressures, the rise of consumerism, looming talent shortages and the rising quality issues related to medical devices.

The Challenge
As a medical equipment management provider, our client ensures the right equipment is in the right place at the right time, allowing medical providers to spend more time providing patient care. While they help their customers address their challenges, they were dealing with, like most businesses, a straight-line increase in mobile data consumption which was tied to an equal increase in costs. Faster devices, more applications and a mobile workforce support their growth strategy but with the unwanted by-product of increasing personal data consumption consisting mainly of social media and streaming media. They turned to Vatic Outsourcing to help provide the solution and expertise necessary to better manage non-business data consumption designed to both reduce costs and absolve their IT staff of that responsibility.
The Solution

Vatic implemented Mobile Traffic Management (MTM). By benchmarking their average data consumption per device, Vatic was then able to identify high data users and what data consumption was business and non-business related at the user level. This insight allowed our client to set a realistic and more cost-effective data limit per user and prevent streaming services that were counterproductive to their business objectives. The MTM solution sends automated alerts to users as they are approaching their data usage limit and once that limit is reached, only permits data usage when connected to WiFi.

The Results

The MTM solution provided immediate hard dollar savings. The newly set data consumption limit allowed end-users to remain productive with their mobile devices while limiting content that was non-business related. This savings was realized on the very next billing cycle as it puts constraints on the variability of data usage expenses. It also offloaded the hassle of managing this solution from their IT department to Vatic who are experts in this field.

luxury furniture retailer

Case Study:
Luxury Furniture Retailer

The Challenge

As a curator of design, taste, and style in the luxury lifestyle market, this luxury retailer experienced sensational growth over the past few years becoming a leader in the industry. With a centralized decision-making business model and a distributed geographic outreach, their AP team was struggling to pay all telecom bills for stores located throughout the US and Canada. In particular, they grappled with:

  • Multiple vendors with different invoice formats, billing cycles, and support processes
  • Inventory management – not knowing which services they had at which locations
  • Understanding spend by location and by vendor
  • Contract management – when contracts expire, which contracts could be renegotiated, and were they getting the best pricing

These issues, coupled with a lack of oversight and manual processes led them to reach out to Vatic for help.

The Solution

Vatic implemented its Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution powered by Tangoe© to completely offload the responsibility of telecom invoice management from their AP team. The Tangoe© platform is open architecture and seamlessly integrates with any AP system. By streamlining and automating the receipt of all telecom invoices into the software, Vatic was immediately able to audit and itemize inventory by location and vendor and make sure services were billing correctly. Vatic also implemented bill pay process which relinquished the hassle of this client paying multiple vendors each month down to one funded ACH account.

The Results

The Vatic TEM solution provided our client with a centralized one-stop shop for all the telecom management needs. Invoice auditing and reporting highlighted closed locations and unused services that they were not aware they were still paying for. This insight allowed our customer to take immediate action, and with Vatic’s help, immediately canceled these services resulting in over $75K in annual savings. The automated bill pay process virtually eliminated late fees that had previously been in excess of $1800 annually. Vatic also provides monthly spend trend reporting by vendor and location and highlights any anomalies within the data. They also provide a monthly inventory of all services by location and vendor. This holistic view of their telecom architecture provided our client the comparative information they need to make cost conscious business decisions when new stores are added or when services are turned down.

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